Woman's Movement

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Woman's Movement
  1. cult of domesticity
    1. purity
      1. virginity
        1. womans greatest treasure
          1. must remain a virgin until wedding night
          2. domesticity
            1. A womans place is at home
              1. taking care of the house
                1. reading religious biographys
                2. piety
                  1. valued religion
                    1. Did not take woman away from her home
                      1. Controlled womans longings
                      2. submissiveness
                        1. required to be obediant
                          1. men were womans superiors
                            1. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton
                              1. started working together in 1851
                                1. Anthony was a well known Abolitionist
                                  1. anthony magaged business and staton managed writing
                                    1. stanton is credited with organizing the first womans rights movement in the untied states
                                      1. Alice Paul
                                        1. american sufferagiist feminist and womans rights activist
                                          1. main leader and strategist of the 1910 campaign for the 19th amendment
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