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Women's Movement


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Women's Movement
  1. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton
    1. 1850 - Anthony and Stanton met
      1. July 19-20, 1848 - organized first women's right convention at Seneca Falls and came up with the declaration of sentiments
        1. 1869 - founded the National Women Suffrage Association
          1. 1872 - Anthony arrested for illegal voting in a national election
            1. 1890 - Anthony became president of NAWSA
              1. 1868 - 1870 - published a woman's newspaper, Revolution
              2. Alice Paul
                1. 1912 - earned a Ph. D. from University of Pennsylvania
                  1. 1912 - became head of NAWSA's congressional committee
                    1. 1917 - National Woman's Party was created
                      1. Came up with the "Silent Sentinels" who picketed the White House
                      2. 1923 - wrote the Equal Rights Amendmant
                        1. March 3rd, 1913 - Arranges suffragist parade and leads to many being hurt
                          1. 1917 - goes to jail and decides to go on a hunger strike, they wanted to put her in an insane asylum
                          2. Cult of Domesticity
                            1. Piety
                              1. Woman had to be religious
                              2. Purity
                                1. Virginity was a gift to the husband, the only man a woman could sleep with is their husband, and it's the wife's job to keep the husband happy
                                2. Domesticity
                                  1. Women took care of the house while men worked, and women had to keep the home cheerful and peaceful
                                  2. Submissiveness
                                    1. Women had a certain dress code and they should always submit
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