Women's Movment

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Women's Movment
1 Cult of Domesticity
1.1 Purity
1.2 Domesticity
1.3 Submissivness
1.4 Piety
1.5 Submissivness
1.6 The Cult of Domescticity was popular in the19Th Century
1.7 Also called True women hood
2 Susan B. Anthony/Elizabeth Stanton
2.1 Anthony and Stanton met in 1850
2.2 Stanton drafted a Declaration of sentiments, Grievances, and Resolution.
2.3 They created the (NWSA ) The National Womans Suffrage Association in 1869.
2.4 Susan created the Women's new York State Temperance in 1852
2.5 Published women's newspaper "the Revolution" from 1868-1870
3 Alice Paul
3.1 Alice Paul was a women's suffragist
3.2 Born in 1885 in New Jersey
3.3 1912 Alice Paul and Lucy Burns joined the NAWSA
3.4 March 3 ,1913 Eight thousand women marched down Pennsylvania Avenue from the capital to the white house holding banners and flagsl
3.5 March 17th Alice and other suffragist met with the president.
3.6 April 7th Alice Paul organized demonstration a on opening day of congress.
3.7 January 1917 Alice and the suffragist started to picket the white house becoming the first to do so.
3.7.1 They spent 18 month picketing
3.8 1812 President Wilson announced his support for suffrage
3.8.1 Once what happened in jail to the women
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