Ch 5: Clients Rights and Counselor Responsibilities

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Ch 5: Clients Rights and Counselor Responsibilities
  1. Informed Consent
    1. Understanding
      1. Agreement
        1. Competence
          1. Ongoing Process
      2. Record Keeping
        1. Progress Notes
          1. Process Notes
            1. Separate from Record
            2. Mandated by Law
              1. Reimbursement
              2. Accurate
                1. Clear behavioral language
                  1. Relevent
                    1. Timely
                      1. Interventions
                        1. Client Response
                          1. treatment plan
                            1. Follow up
                2. Online Counseling Ethics
                  1. Legal Issues
                    1. Portability of License
                    2. Risk Management
                      1. Pros and Cons
                      2. Ethical Issues and Minors
                        1. Parent right to information
                          1. Parental Consent
                          2. Informed consent
                            1. Confidentialtiy
                          3. Unethical Colleagues
                            1. Codes of Ethics
                            2. Malpractice
                              1. Liability
                                1. What is the standard of care?
                                2. Risk management
                                  1. Are your deepest values driving your conduct?
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