Nutritional concerns for ATSI children

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Describes the nutritional concerns of ATSI children for a uni assignment

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Nutritional concerns for ATSI children
  1. High incidence of dental caries
    1. Little or no access to dental services
      1. Poor dental services available in rural and remote areas
        1. Level of education for parents about importance of dental hygiene
          1. Cost of dental service
          2. Poor availability of toothbrushes/paste
            1. Nighttime bottle use/drinks other than milk/water
            2. High rate of underweight children especially in remote areas
              1. Poor access to food
                1. Parental neglect issues
                  1. Drug and alcohol issues
                    1. Parental education
                    2. High cost of food in rural and remote areas
                      1. Financial stress in families
                      2. Poor quality housing
                        1. Overcrowding/highly mobile families
                      3. Increased rates of obesity
                        1. Increased consumption of energy dense, nutritionally poor food and drinks
                          1. Poor access to fresh food
                            1. Time and cost of delivery of fresh food to rural and remote areas
                              1. Cost of food often sold in small rural stores
                              2. Reduced use of bush foods
                                1. Availability of bush foods
                                  1. Impact of agriculture and mining on and around Aboriginal lands
                                  2. Decreasing elder participation and influence
                                  3. Parental education and awareness
                                2. Poor access to health care in rural and remote areas
                                  1. Poor quality healthcare/high turn over of staff/poor access to specialist care
                                    1. Healthcare worker knowledge of specific cultural requirements
                                      1. Low numbers of ATSI healthcare workers
                                        1. Parental mistrust of healthcare workers and system
                                      2. Poor general health quality
                                        1. High rates of middle ear and ENT infections
                                          1. Inadequate vaccination delivery
                                            1. ow rate of exclusive breastfeeding/early introduction of formula and cows milk
                                            2. Distance to access healthcare
                                            3. Below recommended consumption of fruit and vegetables, Calcium, Iron and fibre
                                              1. Inadequate access to fresh food
                                                1. Cost of food, cost of food transportation to rural and remote areas
                                                  1. Food insecurity
                                                    1. Financial stress within families
                                                    2. Parental knowledge and awareness
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