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Rebel Belle


Breann Keller 8th hour Here is my mind map
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Rebel Belle
  1. Setting
    1. Grove Academy/Homecoming Dance
      1. present
      2. Charcters
        1. Harper
          1. Strange
            1. courise
              1. Helpful
              2. Ryan
                1. Caring
                  1. Curiose
                  2. Beth
                    1. Curiose
                      1. Bossy
                    2. Main Conflict
                      1. Harper went to the bathroom on homecoming night and her history teacher killed the janitor. So, Harper tried to go tell but, the history teacher tried to kill her so, she fought back and she killed the history teacher with her shoe.
                        1. CAUSE
                        2. Someone keeps following Harper and things keep disappearing like Davids car.
                          1. CONFLICT/ PROBLEM
                        3. Theme
                          1. If you are determined then don't let anything stop you cause you will never acomplish anything.
                            1. This was brought out in this book because when Harper was determined to find who was trying to catch her she never let anyone try to stop her even if it was losing her boyfriend.
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