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Familiars Secrets of the Crown


The Familiars series is really fun to read! I've reread them like 50000 times!
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Familiars Secrets of the Crown
  1. Authors
    1. Adam Jay Epstein
      1. Andrew Jacobson
    2. Illustrator
      1. Dave Phillips
      2. Publisher
        1. HarperCollins
        2. Characters
          1. Aldwyn the cat
            1. Gilbert the tree frog
              1. Skylar the bluejay
              2. Setting
                1. Vastia the queendom
                  1. Time: not stated
                  2. Theme
                    1. Sometimes, things just don't go the way you want them to
                    2. Conflict
                      1. Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert must seek the Crown of the Snow Leopard in order to summon the Shifting Fortress before the evil hare Pakshara does.
                      2. Main events
                        1. The three go into the mighty dogwood tree. They go down quick mud to go to the temple. They find these totems that has a turtle,a bear, and a eagle. The turtle spoke. he had said that Aldwyn's father had been there before and Aldwyn has never met his family before.
                          1. Aldwyn discovers his deceased father in Necro's Maze. He had now known that his other family member is dead.
                            1. The three go to maidenmere to get some rest and Aldwyn meets his uncle Malvern. Aldwyn hasn't met any of his family members before.
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