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One and Only Ivan


brayden williamsen
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brayden williamsen
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One and Only Ivan
  1. Characters
    1. Ivan
      1. Nice
        1. Artist
      2. Stella
        1. Nice
          1. Sleepy
          2. Julia
            1. Artist
              1. Has Courage
            2. Setting
              1. Exit 8 big top mall and video arcade
              2. Main Conflict
                1. The main conflict is that Ivan is getting to old to perform and it is just Ruby and Ruby is A young elephant and doesn't know what she is doing wrong when Mack gets mad at her.
                2. Theme
                  1. The theme in this book is never give up on friends. The reason it is this because Stella has A hurt leg and Ivan always keeps her company and still believes she will get better.
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