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Meiosis B5


GCSE Science Mind Map on Meiosis B5, created by Jasin Philip on 11/22/2015.
Jasin Philip
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Jasin Philip
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Meiosis B5
  1. Meiosis
    1. Gametes are produced by Meiosis
      1. Meiosis involves TWO divisions. In humans it only happens in the ovaries and the testes.
        1. Produces cells which have half the normal number of chromosomes
          1. <--- Before the cells starts to divide, the DNA is duplicated- one arm of each chromosome is the exact copy of the other arm.
            1. First Division #1: The chromosome pairs line up at the center of the cell
              1. First Division #2: The pairs are then pulled apart, so each new cell has only one copy of each chromosome.
                1. Second Division #1: The chromosomes line up again at the center of the cell. The arms of the chromosomes are pulled apart. Like Meiosis, membranes form around each sets of chromosomes.
                  1. You get 4 gametes each with only a single set of chromosomes in it. From each side of chromosomes, new nuclei are formed. There is 4 in total
                    1. After 2 gametes join at fertilisation, the zygotes grows by repeatedly dividing by MITOSIS.
        2. Basic Principles
          1. Gametes have half the usual number of chromosomes
            1. During Sexual reproduction, the egg and the sperm combine to form a new cell called a zygote
              1. All human body cells have 2 copies of the 23 chromosomes (46 total). But gametes only have one copy of each chromosome (23)
                1. So when the egg and sperm combine, the zygote will contain 46 chromosomes- one set of 23 from each parent
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