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1 Customer Service
1.1 Marketing tools
1.1.1 Create good brand
1.1.2 Generate word of mouth
1.2 Provide convenient to students
1.2.1 Eliminate procedures that can be avoided Reduced the time for students able to make students more focus on doing research
1.2.2 Online platform Interaction between students and lecturers Fastest way for student to give feedback
1.3 Ice breaking for lecturers and students
1.3.1 Reduce strangeness between students and lecturers
1.3.2 Student will able to ask question without feeling afraid
2 Role in imparting knowledge
2.1 Source of new knowledge
2.1.1 Providers of skilled personnel
2.2 Important determinant of economic growth
2.2.1 Higher level leads to higher skilled and productive workforce
2.3 Supplier of graduates & postgradutes
2.3.1 Supplying flow of graduate and researchers
2.4 Create prepared mind students
2.4.1 Through Research and Development
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