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Bex Mann


Rebecca Mann
Mind Map by Rebecca Mann, updated more than 1 year ago
Rebecca Mann
Created by Rebecca Mann over 6 years ago

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Bex Mann
  1. Volunteering
    1. working with young people with learning difficulties
      1. Autism training
        1. Safe Lifting techniques
        2. Hospitality
          1. Customer Service
            1. Management
              1. Cellar Services
                1. Food preparation
                  1. Cashflow
                    1. Front of House
                      1. Risk Assessment
                      2. Maths, English, ICT
                        1. L1, L2, GCSE upskill trained
                          1. Excel, Word, Powerpoint
                            1. General IT
                            2. Business Administration
                              1. Reception Trained
                                1. Data Input
                                  1. Customer Service
                                    1. Keyboard skills
                                      1. Minute taking
                                        1. Office Management
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