Strange Situation Mary Ainsworth

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Strange Situation Mary Ainsworth
1 Procedures
1.1 1. Parent enters room with child and allows the child to explore
1.2 2. Parent sits, infant plays. Stranger enters the room and talks to mother
1.3 3. Parent leaves infant with stranger
1.4 4. Parent returns and stranger leaves. Parent settles the infant
1.5 5. Parent leaves again
1.6 6. Stranger returns
1.7 7. Parent areturns and stranger leaves
2 Secure Attachment Type B
2.1 Willingness to explore: high
2.2 Stranger anxiety: Stranger is able to offer some comfort
2.3 Separation anxiety: high
2.4 Reunion: enthusiastic
2.5 % of infants: 66
3 Insecure-avoidant Type A
3.1 Willingness to explore: high
3.2 Stranger anxiety: infant is okay with stranger and plays normally
3.3 Separation anxiety: shows no sign of distress when mother leaves
3.4 Reunion behaviour: shows little interest
3.5 % of infants: 22
4 Insecure-resitant Type C
4.1 Willingness to explore: low
4.2 Stranger anxiety: infant avoids stranger
4.3 Seaparation anxiety: intense distress
4.4 Reunion behaviour: Approaches mother but resists physical contact
5 A02 Points
5.1 High inter rater reliability
5.2 Can't be generalised beyond the sample
5.3 Main and Weston
5.3.1 Attachment type is mainly influenced by the mother
5.3.2 Test is culturally biased (imposed etics)

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