Road Block to Success By: Karleigh Polege

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Road Block to Success By: Karleigh Polege
1 Lack of Perseverance: #3
1.1 Since, at times, I lack persaverence it can make it harder for me to stay on track
1.1.1 for instance not staying focused on a assignment
1.1.2 Starting a text and not finishing it
1.2 give up more easily at times due to lack of motivation
1.2.1 This causes me to procrastinate and leave work until the last minute
1.2.2 Not reading the book so I can get my G1
1.3 Can cause problems when I am having problems with friends or family
1.3.1 if I feel left out, I wont point it out until I am extreamly upset and even then half the time I still don't since I don't see the point
1.3.2 Will forgive them even if I shouldn't Since I forgave them easily they think its ok to do again
2 Pessimism: #2
2.1 school
2.1.1 if I make a small mistake when singing then to me I failed
2.1.2 will stress myself out about assignments one bad assignment= i am going to fail the class if I will finish it in time or not ( even though I always end up finishing it in time)
2.1.3 when im in a worse mood I cant do my work as well as id like which in turn makes me more upset note: i'm hardly ever upset to the point where i cant work; however it does happen at times.
2.1.4 i am only pleased with my mark if its in the 90's, im content with 80's and then in the 70's , or lower, means i failed.
2.2 Daily life
2.2.1 put myself down more often
2.2.2 my mind almost always go to the worse case sanerio
2.2.3 will focus on something small I did wrong even if I did a lot more things correctrly
3 lethargy: #1
3.1 When im tired I cant do work as well as I do normally
3.1.1 cant focus
3.1.2 will sometimes fall asleep when doing work, when sitting in the hall after school, during conversations will sometimes sleep for the entire day since I'm so exhausted, then wake up and still be exhausted prevents me from doing things which could further benefit me or that I would enjoy doing (eg. read, write, eidt, listen to music, sing, school work, socialize)
3.2 Makes me more irritated
3.2.1 I'm not the best to be around when irritated
3.3 being tired can also make me extreamly hyper
3.3.1 Cant focus
3.4 This also has to do with my main one, lack of persaverance
3.5 makes me lack in motivation
3.5.1 makes me procrastinate more
3.5.2 When I'm tired I don't do work as well as I do normally I get massive headaches when I cant sleep sometimes I cant sleep since I cant stop thinking , then when I finally can stop thinking I'm completely exhausted ( has stayed up for about 2-3 days since couldn't stop thinking before) note; sometimes good does come out of this since sometimes I end up doing research when I cant sleep. when I stayed up for 2-3 days that's when I finally ended up deciding what job I wanted
4 Fear: #6
4.1 mainly the fear that I would not be able to handle or reach the expectations
4.1.1 don't like letting others down
4.2 responcibility
5 who you hang out with: #5
5.1 sometimes my friends will want to hang out when I have work to do
5.1.1 I normally end up hanging out with them and I do my work and they do their work at the same time
5.2 have had friends in the past who wherent the best to hang around
5.2.1 wasn't good for my mental health to be around them no longer friends with them, haven't talked in roughly 2, 3 years wasn't the best of situations, they liked to point out the things that were bad about me a lot. that wasn't good for me and there where other factors as to why they weren't good for my mental well being
6 Not taking responsibility: #4
6.1 If I miss a day of school I sometimes dont want to go back and try to avoid the work
6.1.1 this ends up making me stressed out
6.2 sometimes will try to avoid a problem if I am not mentally able to deal with it
7 no vision: #7
7.1 usually happens when I'm tired
7.1.1 don't see the point in doing work
7.2 procrastinate
7.2.1 I tend to procrastinate by watching Youtube videos, go on Tumblr, Instagram, read Wattpad books, amdwatch netflix
7.3 when I am unsure about what I want to do
7.4 I actually do have a fairly good idea of what I want to do so this doesn't affect me as much
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