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A-Level Biology (Cell Division) Mind Map on Mitosis, created by Fauzia Ali on 02/29/2016.

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1 Chromosomes
1.1 DNA wound tightly around proteins called histone
1.2 Normally unwound (Chromatin)
1.3 Before cell division, replicates and winds to form chromosomes (visible)
1.3.1 Twice the DNA
1.3.2 Made of two structures called CHROMATIDS held by a CENTROMERE
2 Prophase
2.1 Chromosomes visible as they thicken and shorten
2.1.1 Two identical chromatids
2.2 Animal cells: centrioles divide and move to opposite poles
2.2.1 Start to form spindle
2.3 Nuclear membrane disintegrates
2.3.1 Nucleolus disappears
3 Metaphase
3.1 Chromosomes arrange at the equator
3.2 Chromosomes attached to spindle by centromere
4 Anaphase
4.1 Spindle fibres contract
4.2 Centromeres split so chromatids pulled apart
4.3 Separate chromatids now called CHROMOSOMES
4.4 Very fast
5 Telophase
5.1 Chromosomes reach poles
5.2 Chromosomes uncoil and lengthen
5.3 Spindle breaks down
5.4 Nuclear membranes reforms
5.4.1 Nucleoli reappears
6 Cytokinesis
6.1 Centrioles divide and move to poles
6.2 Membrane furrows and cytoplasm splits
6.2.1 Daughter cells have all organelles needed
7 Significance
7.1 Growth
7.2 Repair damaged tissue
7.3 Cell replacement
7.4 Asexual repoduction
7.4.1 Bulbs
7.4.2 Large number of offspring for colonisation
8 Produces
8.1 4 genetically identical daughter cells
8.1.1 Diploid
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