Entrepreneurial Skills and Qualities

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entrepreneurial skills

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Entrepreneurial Skills and Qualities
1 Passion
1.1 To be a successful entrepreneur you need to be committed and show dedication to your business. You must be enthusiastic towards your business for it to be successful as if you're are not passionate then you will not be able to get through the highs and lows of the business which will occur regardless.
2 Open Mindness
2.1 The best entrepreneurs are open minded and learn and progress from listening too others. If you aren't willing to learn and listen other people you can be obsessed with your original idea and not being flexible can hinder rather than help you reaching your end goal.
3 Creativity
3.1 For a business to grow and prosper it must constantly be coming up with fresh new ideas to keep up with the competion and allow the business to advance with technology effectively.
4 Leadership and Motivation
4.1 When having your own business it essential that you have set targets and goals so that you have structure to your business. It is important to have leadership skills and be motivated so that you have able to lead and delegate tasks and manage staff whilst keeping a positive and motivational work place.
5 Business Knowledge
5.1 Understanding the main ain functional areas within a business such as understanding the sales figures, have a clear marketing plan and financial stability. General entrepreneurial skills having a clear understanding of how you raise capital in a business and the open mindedness to be able to try different things to improve the business.
6 My personal strengths are that I am confident and out going so I would be happen to communicate with clients and socialise in the business sector to gain improvements for the business. My weakness would be that I am not vey organised and all my ideas can be quite over whelming and it disrupts anything getting done.
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