Summary: Week 1

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Summary: Week 1
  1. Question 1
    1. Nine stages in the negotiated continuum outlined by Nunan
      1. They are realistic
        1. Depending on the teaching context.
          1. But standardized education has led us to forget that every student has a different pace and needs.
            1. As the school develops strategies to foster the use of the target language.
              1. If it is the result of a needs analysis.
                1. If students become aware about the importance of learning by themselves and that the teacher is a mediator and not a provider; as the teacher makes instruction clear.
        2. They are valuable
          1. Planning.
            1. Allowing personalization and motivation.
              1. Helping to think about what it is needed to learn.
                1. Helping to learn by doing, motivating and empowering.
      2. Question 2
        1. The Task Dependency Principle of instructional sequence.
          1. Task progress
            1. From receptive (Reading and Listening) to productive (speaking and writing)
              1. It gives an overview regarding learners’ language management after input
            2. Relevant to our teaching
              1. It scaffolds students' learning process
                1. It guides students from general from general to specific tasks
                  1. It gives Ss the chance to foster their autonomy
                    1. student centerdness
                      1. Moving from simpler structures to more complex
              2. It is necessary signifucant aspects such us:
                1. Motivation
                  1. Creativity
                    1. Engagement
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