Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980

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Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980
1 Legal Rights of Consumers
1.1 Merchantable Quality - goods sold to consumers must be reasonably durable
1.2 Fit for Purpose - Goods sold must be suitable for the purpose intended
1.3 Be as Described - goods sold must be as described by the salesperson or brochure
1.4 Legal Ownership - The buyer is entitled to legal ownership and quiet posession, meaning they are able to use the goods as they wish
2 Legal Responsibilities of Retailers
2.1 Retailers are legally responsible for any defects in the products they sell, even if it is the manager's fault
2.2 Retailers must respect all of the legal rights of consumers
2.3 Signs pretending to limit the retailer's liability are illegal
2.4 It is illegal for retailes to demand payment for unsolicited goods sent to consumers
3 Legal Remedies Available
3.1 Repair - If the fault is very minor
3.2 Refund of money
3.3 Replacement of the good if the fault is serious

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