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Women's Movement


women's studies
Bria Gemmill
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Bria Gemmill
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Women's Movement
  1. Cult of Domesticity(1800s)
    1. Purity
      1. Piety
        1. Submissiveness
          1. Domesticity
          2. Susan B. Anthony
            1. met in 1851
              1. edited and published "The Revolution" from 1868-1870
                1. traveled around the world for the suffrage movement but worked with Stanton
                  1. died in 1906
                  2. Elizabeth Stanton
                    1. 1869 formed the NWSA
                      1. stayed at home because she had a family but worked with Anthony
                        1. died in 1902
                        2. Alice Paul
                          1. 1913 formed NWP
                            1. 20th century leader of suffrage movement
                            2. lived from 1885-1977
                              1. picketed in front of White House
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