Benefits of Ecotourism

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Benefits of Ecotourism
1 Ecotourism can return as much as 95% to the local economy.
2 Helps the environment to thrive into the future.
3 It is a good way of helping local people to have a better life in LEDCs
4 Nature tourists bring with them money to spend, money that creates jobs and incomes for households and communities in and around national parks and other protected areas.
5 The projects create jobs locally, reducing the need for young people to leave home to look for work in the cities
6 Ecotourism also brings a better standard of living through improved facilities, such as clinics, drinkable water sources, new roads and electricity.
7 Ecotourism helps create a better appreciation of the world's natural resources, such as landscapes, wildlife and coral reefs. This stimulates a desire to protect the natural environment through the creation of national parks, wildlife preserves and marine parks.
8 Home stays and eco-lodges allow visitors to experience local lifestyles and customs first-hand, and this interest helps to preserve the region's heritage.

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