LTM and the very BIG picture

Carol Rosas
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Mind Map on LTM and the very BIG picture, created by Carol Rosas on 02/17/2014.

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Carol Rosas
Created by Carol Rosas over 5 years ago
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LTM and the very BIG picture
1 Introduction
1.1 Materials are cultural artefacts
1.2 Shaped by the context in which they occur
1.3 Materials are supposed to be natural and workable in a social context
2 ELT materials: the 1950s to the 1980s
2.1 The 1950s/60s and the Cold War
2.1.1 Space Race The scientist needed to keep up with technological developments in other parts of the world Development of language programmes (e.g mim-mem excercises, language laboratories, pattern-practice drills, etc.)
2.1.2 Iron Curtain
2.2 ELT Materials: The 1950s to the 1980s
2.2.1 The late 1960s to the late 1970s Use of Suggestopedia SELF study materials
2.2.2 The 1970s and to the mid 1980s Multiculturalism Democratization Individualism Individual's linguistic wants and needs Special Purposes Own Styles & Strategies CLT: How the language is used by ordinary people
3 New imperatives on materials design: the mid 1980s onwards
3.1 McDonalization
3.1.1 Fix Language Scrips Teacher reduce to routinized exercises Standarized Materials, Routinized Plans for classroom work Global PRE-Scribed
3.2 Neoliberalism
3.2.1 Primacy of market
3.2.2 Student = Customer or Consumer
3.2.3 Language certification Common European Framework
4 Conclusion
4.1 Materials
4.1.1 Teacher and learners interaction
4.1.2 Language Teaching Rethinking Innovatation Experimentation