Discuss the influence of culture on romantic relationships

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Discuss the influence of culture on romantic relationships
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1.1 Moghaddam et al 1993
1.1.1 In individualist cultures, formation of relationships is based on freedom of choice as there's more social mobility and urban centres. Collectivist cultures lead to relationships based on concerns of the family or group
1.2 Levine et al 1995
1.2.1 Investigated love as a basis for marriage in 11 countries. Ppts asked if they'd marry without love, 14% in individualist USA, 34% in collectivist Thailand would
1.3 Seepersad et al 2008
1.3.1 West is more focused on relationships, so young people that aren't in relationships are more lonely than those in collectivist cultures
1.3.2 227 USA & Korean ppts, USA ppts more lonely if not in relationship than single Korean ppts Korean ppts relied on family for social interaction, USA relied more on friends and partners
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2.1 Arranged marriages aren't always worse
2.1.1 Epstein Over half of couples in arranged marriages said they'd fallen in love since marriage
2.1.2 Myers et al Indian couples in arranged marriages had no difference in marital satisfaction than USA couples
2.1.3 Xhiaohe and Whyte Arranged marriages in China down 10% in 1990 from 70% in 1949. Women in voluntary marriages also reported better martial happiness
2.2 It could be argued that differences are more due to a larger focus on urban areas in the West than cultural differences. (e.g. in India, there's been rapid development of urban areas, and the divorce rate has also risen sharply)
3.1 Cultural Bias
3.1.1 Cross cultural studies that ask about 'love' and 'satisfaction' may be interpreted differently outside of the West, which could invalidate research
3.2 Alternate Explanation
3.2.1 'Love' may have evolved as an evolutionary benefit (e.g. long term relationships increase safety and lower child mortality) This is likely as Jankowiak and Fischer et al found that 90% of 166 tribal cultures studied had some form of 'love'

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