Debating Tips

Jonathan Moore
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Jonathan Moore
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Mind Map on Debating Tips, created by Jonathan Moore on 07/11/2016.

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Debating Tips
  1. Think like a person, not a debator
    1. Don't panic when hit with unfamiliar arguement
      1. Relax, take a deep breath
      2. Ask yourself 'what would i say if my friend asked me that question?'
      3. Look and sound right, no matter what you are saying
        1. Confidence is key
          1. Make it seem like you believe in what you are saying, even if you don't
            1. Stay confident if you stumble into unfamiliar territory
            2. Know where debate is headed before it starts
              1. Ask yourself before round begins
                1. Think what your opponents will be doing
                  1. Put yourself in shoes of the judge and your opponent
                  2. Non-verbal components of debate
                    1. Always use positive, pro-active gestures to reinforce your point
                      1. If you are not excited about your message, why should your audience be?
                      2. Refer to your evidence wherever possible
                        1. Don't discount importance of facts
                          1. Use these to your advantage
                            1. Can be used to back up your point
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