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This is a mind map for my CTRD class.

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  1. What is involved in synthesizing?
    1. It take the process of summarizing one step further. Synthesizing involves combining ideas and allowing a understanding of text.
      1. Goes further than just summarizing
        1. Transition of what we're reading throughout reading
        2. "Put pieces together to see them in a new way
        3. For ELL students, is it better in paired/shared reading work with an english speaker or a non-english speaker?
          1. Choral reading, rereads across days, text is visible for all children to see
            1. Really need to get to know the individual child and their background
              1. The answer could differ with each child. It depends on each child, and where they are at in their learning.
              2. An ELL child may feel intimidated working with an English speaking student, but they also may be more driven.
              3. How do you hold on to an ELL students background and culture while still teaching english and teaching new values?
                1. They should print first in their first language.
                  1. ELL students should read and write with others in their first language.
                  2. It is important to learn about an ELL student's background. This can also help them make connections when reading.
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