Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment
1 Key Words
1.1 Deterence
1.2 Retribution
1.3 Repentance
1.4 Forgiveness
1.5 Justice
1.6 Restorative Justice
2 Causes of Crime
2.1 Peer Pressure
2.2 Materialism i.e. For Money/ possessions
2.3 To get a high
2.4 Revenge
2.5 Bad background
2.6 Drugs/alcohol
2.7 Bordom
3 Prison
3.1 For
3.1.1 Makes them pay for what they have done
3.1.2 Gives them a chance to reform
3.1.3 Deters others
3.1.4 Protects others
3.2 Against
3.2.1 Costs a lot of money to keep them
3.2.2 Not a permanent solution
3.2.3 Not severe enough
3.2.4 Life doesn't always mean life
3.3 Alternatives to Prison - electronic tagging / fines
4 What the Bible says
4.1 Exodus: "You shall not murder " no matter what the criminal has done he shouldn't be murdered
4.2 Genesis: "god created mankind in his own image". All life is sacred even the life of a murderer
4.3 Genesis: "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed". If any one has killed a man then they deserve to also be killed
5 Reasons for Punishment
5.1 Deterrence : To discourage the offender from committing similar crimes
5.2 Protection: for the safety of society, individuals in it and the offender
5.3 Reform: to help the offender become a better person
5.4 Retribution: revenge for those who have been wronged i.e. against the criminal
5.5 Reparation: to allow The criminal to 'pay' for what they have done and have their guilt wiped out to make a fresh start
5.6 Vindication: To show the authority of the law has won
6 Examples of Restorative justice
6.1 Restorative means fixing things or returning them to their natural state
6.1.1 It works by returning things back to normal eg meetings are organised between the victim nanda the offender to give the offender a chance To take steps to make voluntary reparation to their victims Means more than paying money to victim
7 What the Churches say.....
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