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  1. division of labour
    1. Willmott and Young (1973)
      1. Nuclear
        1. Privatised
          1. Symmetrical Conjugal roles
          2. Anne Oakley
            1. women have more household responsibilities
              1. middle class man more involved
                1. Y and W findings were exaggerated
              2. Functions
                1. Functionalists view
                  1. Comfort/support "warm bath theory,washes away cares of outside world
                    1. Traditional nuclear family is the ideal family type
                    2. Criticisms
                      1. doesn't function well
                        1. childless women
                          1. children with mental disorders, lack of emotional care
                          2. benefits men, increases life expectancy & health. GENDER INEQUALITIES
                        2. Socialisation
                          1. non-socialised children
                            1. GENIE
                              1. If language learning starts too late - critical period missed. Can't develop fully
                              2. Need physical care, ability to learn etc to become full members of society
                              3. identify how we see ourselves and others
                                1. Canalisation and manipulation
                                2. Traditional family types
                                  1. Nuclear
                                    1. Traditional nuclear
                                      1. Married parents. Different roles
                                        1. Feminists critisice
                                          1. Woman's role is unfulfilling
                                            1. Male dominated
                                              1. Dark side
                                              2. Murdock
                                            2. Matriarchal
                                              1. Traditional extended family
                                                1. Willmott & Young (1957)- East London. Matrilocal- help and advice and financial/ physical support
                                                  1. Willmott & Young (1957)- East London. Matrilocal- help and advice and financial/ physical support
                                                  2. Exended
                                                    1. Gench,Gavron & Young. (2006) Extended families in white communities now non - existent. Bangladeshi
                                                  3. Criticisms
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