La Haine: Zoo Scene

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Created by djel96 over 5 years ago
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La Haine: Zoo Scene
1 Low angle show on the media.
1.1 Higher status
1.2 More important
1.3 More power
2 The three main characters are in the centre of the shot.
2.1 We need to focus on them
2.2 Something will go against them
3 We see them through the camera
3.1 Taken out of context
3.2 We see what the media say
3.3 They control what we see
3.4 They have manipulated the working class
3.5 Vinz is presented as violent and aggressive
4 The characters are stuck behind railings.
4.1 Animalistic
4.2 Segregation
4.3 They should be kept away from the public eye
4.4 Entrapment and imprisonment
5 Setting is bare and minimalistic
5.1 Lifeless
5.2 No character
5.3 Lack of freedom and expression

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