The vietnam war mind map

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The vietnam war mind map
1 Vietnam tactics
1.1 Dressed like everyday citizens so that they couldn't be told apart
1.2 They had complex underground tunnels which couldn't be detected by Americans
1.2.1 These tunnels were also filled with lethal traps and bombs
1.3 Hanging on to America's belts - The viet cong would attack or ambush American's near their own bases so that when they fought back they destoryed thier own stuff and killed their own men
1.4 They were supplied with weaponds from China and Russia
1.5 They used the Ho Chi Min trail to supply war weaponds - this ran through Laos and Cambodia so American's couldn't attack it, it was also burried in thick jungle
1.6 They avoid battle unless the odds were heavily in their favour
1.7 They used Guerilla tactics
2 USA tactics
2.1 They used heavily advanced machinery and weaponds
2.2 Dropped Agent-Orange gas
2.3 They bomb whole communities and jungle land to clear out the Viet Cong
2.4 They were prepared to fight a war like WW1 or WW2 instead of a guerilla war
2.5 Used Napam gas
2.6 Search and Destory
2.7 They used their own soilders as bait and then backed them up with air military
2.8 They lived in stratigic hamelts to draw viet cong into loyal area's
2.9 Zipoo raids
3 Who was more effective?
3.1 The American's preapred for the wrong war
3.2 The viet-cong new the terrain very well
3.3 American soilder's lost moral very quickly
3.4 Most American's didn't know anything about vietnam or why they were fighting
3.5 The Viet-Cong were more effective and won the war
4 Effects of the war on the USA
4.1 Cost the goverment billions of dollars
4.2 Longest war America had been in
4.3 58,000 American troops died
4.4 American soilders lost home support and mroal after the news that they were killing innocent people E.G The Mai Lia masacre
4.5 Lots of anti war protests
4.6 Kent State shooting
4.7 Many war hero's werent celebrated and were treated badly
4.8 Racial tensions because blacks fought alongside whites for their contry but still has less rights
5 Affects of the war on Vietnam
5.1 Thousands of people were left with the after effects of the Orange Agent gas which included cancer, mutations and terminal illnesses. Many children were also orphaned
5.2 American's were left in Vietnam
5.3 Vietnam united
5.4 The NVA massacred thousands of SVA once America left
5.5 Farm land was polluted by American chemicals
5.6 They had no money
5.7 It's still the poorest country in the world
5.8 Had to fight a war with Cambodia and China for their independance

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