Henry VIII International Politics (Foreign Policy 1509 onwards)


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Henry VIII International Politics (Foreign Policy 1509 onwards)
  1. League of Cambrai 1508
    1. Featured all major powers of Europe against Venetians
      1. England excluded
        1. Lasted until 1510
          1. United Pope, France and HRE together
          2. Holy League 1511
            1. Was created to unite all of Europe including England against France
              1. Moved Venice onto the side of masses - were not the enemy
                1. Made England centre of European Politics
                2. 1512 Campaigns in France
                  1. Henry allies with Spain to invade France
                    1. Spain invade from South, take Navarre - all they were after?
                    2. England had to leave after desertion, mutiny and dysentry
                    3. 1513 - Battle of Spurs
                      1. Henry allies with Maximillian (HRE)
                        1. First military involvement by Wolsey - efficient, effective and up to date
                          1. humiliating defeat for French
                            1. Makes Henry head of the Holy League Crusades - glory, chivalry - goals
                              1. Henry didn't conquer France and make a great empire - mocked internationally? France were paying £10,000 p.a. not to invade France and Henry spent £1.5m in a year.
                            2. 1513 - Battle of Flodden Field
                              1. James fought with around 35k soldiers (after desertion) and Henry's forces 26k.
                                1. Henry away fighting in France so the army was under the control of Catherine of Aragon and the Duke of Surrey
                                  1. Showed the trust that Henry held in Catherine and allies to leave them in defence of the country.
                                    1. Destroyed the Auld Alliance - Scots worthless and isolated France
                                    2. English outnumbered by around 10k but still won
                                      1. England killed James, 9 Earls and 14 Lords of Parliament
                                    3. Louis XII dies 1515
                                      1. 1516 England allied with Spain against France but was betrayed
                                        1. 1517 England allied with HRE again betrayed
                                      2. Treaty of London 1518
                                        1. Achieved European peace
                                          1. Will also achieve Papal Ratificiation
                                            1. Gave England a way to take control of Francis
                                              1. Designed to unite the countries of Christianity against the concerning Ottoman Empire
                                            2. 1520 - Field of the Cloth of Gold
                                              1. Built an entire town and castle from scratch
                                                1. England spent around £2m, each camp occupied 2.5 acres and was categorised by the two tents made of gold lined fabric.
                                                  1. Spending excess - fountain which continously pumped out red wine, people pumping it from the underground 'reservoir of wine'
                                                  2. Used to bring Francis and Henry together as renaissance men
                                                    1. Henry and Francis ally but the alliance is broken after 2 weeks as Henry signed a treaty with Charles ensuring that neither of the two sign treaties with France for 2 years.
                                                      1. Treaty of Windsor 1522 - the finalisation of an attack on France
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