The Consequences Of TheHundred Years War: Short/Long Terms

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A mind map about the consequences of the war between England and France. It shows the long terms and the short terms.

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The Consequences Of TheHundred Years War: Short/Long Terms
1 Impact on France and England at the time
1.1 Some areas of France (Normandy) were devastated during the fighting
1.1.1 Armies on both sides seized crops and animals and stole any riches they could find On both sides a lot of ordinary men died. The English had fewer casualites
1.1.2 Many English deaths were from dusentary rather than destruction from the battlefiield
1.1.3 If an army retreated they would brun buildings behind them so that the advancing enemy wouldn't get it
2 The Cost of War
2.1 The high cost of weapons was very expensive , so was food, armour and horses. War was expensive
2.1.1 Both the French and English had to pay higher taxes for the was frequently
2.1.2 By the end off the war, the English army lost wealthy French Regions like Normandy and Aquitaine. Some Englishmen got very rich from the stolen goods taken from France
3 The Military Impact
3.1 The war changed how battles were fought
3.1.1 Before the Hundred Years War, the knights were on horseback , which made the fighting powerful However, it was the archers, firing a lot of arrows which led the great victory in Crécy, Poitiers and Agincourt
3.1.2 Soon the ordinary foot soldiers were the key element than the calvary men
4 The Birth of English Identity
4.1 The Hundred Years war caused the two countries to forge their own identities
4.1.1 England and France have been connected since the days when William, Duke of Normandy, defeated Harold England stopped using French as its official language. It was seen as "enemy language" The common language, English, began to develop. Kings started using the language They called themselves as 'English'
4.1.2 A much more unified country developed against the French The Scots and everyone else; Crécy, Agincourt and other major battles gave English the sense of pride and unique identity.
4.1.3 English lost territories in France England became less involved in relations with the rest of Europe
4.1.4 England's outlook and aims were focused on lands out of Europe
5 French Unity
5.1 France had long been a collection of seperate territories
5.1.1 A great number of the powerful, important French nobles who controlled the areas were killed
5.1.2 As a result, the king of France emerged more powerful
5.1.3 The high cost of paying for the war led the French to set up a better system of taxing the whole country
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