Classroom Management: Education is GRAY & I teach STUDENTS

Deanna Matthews
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Deanna Matthews
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Mind Map on Classroom Management, created by Deanna Matthews on 09/11/2016.

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Classroom Management: Education is GRAY & I teach STUDENTS
  1. High Expectations
    1. You are a SCHOOL TEACHER
      1. Expectations
        1. Routines
          1. Engagement
            1. Positivity
              1. Behavior Support
                1. Classroom Management vs Behavior Management
                2. Learning
                  1. Student Engagement
                    1. Differentiated Instruction (DI)
                      1. Technology in the classroom
                      2. Knowing Your Students
                        1. Be like Abe Lincoln
                          1. No 'bad' kids
                            1. Ways to gather data
                              1. Inventories
                                1. OSRs
                                  1. Parents
                                    1. Colleagues
                                  2. Not Taking Behavior Personally
                                    1. Rather be thought bad than dumb
                                      1. Yelling is for lifeguards
                                        1. Respond (Don't react)
                                        2. The Third Teacher
                                          1. How the physical environment can support learning & behavior
                                            1. Compliance vs cooperation
                                              1. Modeling the school's expectations?
                                              2. Your Health and Well-being
                                                1. Professional Learning Network (PLN) development
                                                  1. Social Media?
                                                    1. Practicing effective resiliency strategies
                                                    2. Collaboration
                                                      1. Teacher Leaders
                                                        1. TRIBES
                                                        2. Leadership
                                                          1. Administrators
                                                            1. Aligning school and behavior support
                                                            2. Communication
                                                              1. Parent involvement vs parent engagement
                                                                1. Seeking support
                                                                  1. Mentors, admin, colleagues
                                                                  2. Electronic: Apps, emails, websites
                                                                    1. Phone calls, folders, conferences
                                                                    2. Reflection
                                                                      1. Becoming someone's 'champion'
                                                                        1. What if something doesn't work?
                                                                          1. Seeking feedback based on standards of the Profession
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