5. The Middle Ages Medicine

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Evangeline Taylor
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5. The Middle Ages Medicine
1 Who treated illness?
1.1 Doctors
1.1.1 Believed in the humours
1.1.2 Studied Galen
1.1.3 Train by the Catholic Church
1.1.4 Studied urine for diagnosing diseases
1.2 Surgeons
1.2.1 Surgery was practised On surface Removed growths/ amputations Some surgeons were skilled
1.3 Barbers Surgeon
1.3.1 Average person visited them for surgery/dentistry
1.4 Monks
1.4.1 Provided the hospitals of the day
1.4.2 Caring for other ill monk and locals
1.5 Wise Women
1.5.1 Relying on tradition/superstition for cures Herbal remedies
2 What did they think caused diseases?
2.1 THE BLACK DEATH – arrived in 1348 No one know what caused it:
2.1.1 God? Punishing for there sins?
2.1.2 Bad air? Breathing in bad smell made you ill?
2.1.3 Planets? The alignment of the planets brought bad luck and disease?
2.1.4 Four Humours? An imbalance of humours?
3 Treatment/Prevention
3.1 THE BLACK DEATH – arrived in 1348 No one know what caused it:
3.1.1 God? The flagellants whipped themselves Attendance to church increased (Praying for help)
3.1.2 Bad air? Carried flowers, burnt sweet smelling wood, clear the smelly rubbish
3.1.3 Planets? Take superstition treatment Put a frog on the buboes or wear an amulet with a spell on it
3.1.4 Four humours? Drain some blood (bleeding)
3.1.5 RUN AWAY!
4 Key ideas
4.1 Public Health:
4.1.1 Monasteries had good Public Health Provided themselves with clean water and toilet Copied from Romans
4.1.2 Town did their best with Public Health Passed laws limited butchering animal, meats could not be dumped, sewer open and on the streets
4.1.3 Superstition was the main idea behind medieval ideas
5 Example of change
5.1 Medicine/Health got worse:
5.1.1 Roman ideas lost
5.1.2 Roman public health system were dismantled
5.1.3 Wars meant that money wasn’t spend on medicine care
5.2 Catholic Church helped quality of medicine recover
5.2.1 Taught doctors
5.2.2 Produce medical books
5.2.3 Monasteries provided medical care
5.2.4 Banned dissection
5.2.5 Banned new ideas/challenges to Galen
6 Example of continuity
6.1 Galen was studied for 1000 years
6.2 Monasteries kept roman ideas on Public Health alive
6.3 No idea what caused disease
7 Key figures
7.1 The Catholic Church

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