Uses of Enzymes

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Uses of Enzymes
1 Enzymes are used in Biological detergents
1.1 Enzymes are a "biological" ingredient in detergents
1.2 Mainly, there are:
1.2.1 Protein-digesting enzymes Proteases
1.2.2 Fat-digesting enzymes Lipases
1.3 Enzymes breakdown animal and plant matter
1.3.1 Ideal for removing blood or food stains
1.4 Biological detergents are more effective at low temperature
2 Enzymes are used to change foods
2.1 Protein are add to baby food to 'pre-digested' so it easier for the baby to digest
2.2 Carbonhydrate-digesting enzymes
2.2.1 Carbohydrases
2.2.2 Can be turn into Starch syrup (Yuk) into sugar syrup (Yum)
2.3 Glucose syrup can be turn into fructose syrup
2.3.1 Fructose syrup is sweeter, so uses less of it Use in slimming foods and drinks
3 Using enzymes in industry takes lots of control
3.1 Enzymes are very useful in industry
3.1.1 speeds up reactions without the need for high temperatures and pressures
3.2 Advantage
3.2.1 They're specific only catalyse the reaction you want them to
3.2.2 Uses lower temperatures and pressures Lower cost as it saves energy
3.2.3 Enzymes work for a long time You can continually use them
3.2.4 They're biogradable Causes less environmental pollutions
3.3 Disadvantage
3.3.1 Initial cost of buying them
3.3.2 People develop allegies to the enzymes
3.3.3 Enzymes can denature Even with a small temperature differences Suscepitible to posion Changes in pH
3.3.4 Expensive to produce
3.3.5 Contamination of enzyme with another substance can affect the reaction

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