The Tudor Reformtion 1509-1603

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The Tudor Reformtion 1509-1603
1.1 Catholic - Religion
1.1.1 The preist was the head of the church In England he had people to control Pope - Archbishop - Bishops - Preists - The People
1.1.2 Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, Poland and Lituania= Catholic
1.2 Started in Germany and spread across Europe
1.2.1 Martin Luthur Translated the Bible into german
1.3 England, Scandinavia, Germany and Hungary = Protestants
2.1 King Of England
2.1.1 Six WIves 1)Cathrine Of Aragon Married Henrey in 1509, she has previously been married to Henrey's dead brother Aurthur After at least 6 pregnancies with only one living child (Mary I), Henrey still wanted a boy and as Catherine was not delivering he wanted to annnul their marrige. Causing Henrey to break with with Catholic church and creating the Church Of England Daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain Mary I 2) Anne Boleyn Elizabeth I 1518-1603 Crisis Religion, Marriage, Mary Queen of Scotts, Looks, Starvation 3) Jayne Seymour Edward VI 1) Divorced, Catherine of Aragon 2) Beheaded, Anne Boleyn 3) Died, Jayne Seymour 4) Divorced, Anne of Cleves 5) Beheaded, Catherine Howard 6)Survived, Catherine Parr
3.1 America
3.1.1 Europe West Africa
3.2 <--Slave Trianle
3.3 The slave trade began along time before this era began, but is sais to be the era when it most happened. They used the slaves(africans) to get teh trad einto their country by making them work and by torturing them to get money and items such as sugar, tobacco, cotton... etc
3.4 In order for the africans to get to america they had to cross the middle passage (atlantic ocean). They were exported by slave ships.
3.4.1 The slave ships were made to accomodate 451 africans but at times held over 600.

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