Hannibal Sources - Polybius and Livy

Jessica Phillips
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Description of Hannibal sources Polybius and Livy. Why it's good/bad, info on sources, etc.

Jessica Phillips
Created by Jessica Phillips over 5 years ago
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Hannibal Sources - Polybius and Livy
1 Polybius
1.1 About Him
1.1.1 Greek But writes with the intention to explain to Greek readers why they should accept Roman rule
1.1.2 Lived C.200 - 118 BC
1.1.3 Historian
1.2 His sources
1.2.1 Was an eyewitness to some events
1.2.2 Uses documents and inscriptions
1.2.3 Interviewed those that were there
1.3 Good because...
1.3.1 Knowledgeable about military and politics
1.3.2 Visited the places he wrote about
1.3.3 Has first hand accounts of the events
1.3.4 Against bias in his sources
1.3.5 Wants to record the truth
1.4 Bad because...
1.4.1 Not free from bias Towards Scipio for example
2 Livy
2.1 His sources
2.1.1 Mainly used... Polybius Fabius Pictor Valerias Antias
2.1.2 Sometimes vague about sources used "Some authorities suggest..."
2.1.3 Other times precise "The author Celsus..."
2.1.4 Admits he can't always find the truth "I have no way of telling..."
2.2 Good because...
2.2.1 Includes speeches in his work
2.2.2 Provides a lot of facts, figures and details
2.2.3 Admits that he can't always find the truth
2.3 Bad because...
2.3.1 Generally biased towards Rome
2.3.2 Fails to correct his mistakes
2.3.3 Didn't visit the places he wrote about
2.3.4 Not experienced in war and politics
2.3.5 Doesn't check the reliability of his sources
2.3.6 Wasn't there during the events
2.3.7 Didn't seek first hand accounts
2.4 About Him
2.4.1 Lived C.59 BC - 17 AD
2.4.2 Wrote under Augustus

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