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SAT Prep

The SAT test can be stressful and the weeks running up to it, even worse. So why not sit back and pick up some great SAT Prep tips from people who have been through the experience and lived to tell the tale. Trust us, it’s not that bad. We have all been there. In this section we will discuss some of the less obvious areas of test prep such as:

  • Eating right
  • Sleeping well
  • Going at your own pace
  • How talking really does help

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1. Talk To Your Tutors

Tutors have your best interests at heart believe it or not. They genuinely want you to do well. Never be afraid to tell your tutor if you have missed something or don’t fully understand. Sitting quietly is not going to help you when the SAT exam comes around. Talking with your friends is great too but there can problems with that. On one side you have the ‘know it alls’, these guys can make you feel uncomfortable about your own level of knowledge. Then there’s the ‘group of doom’, the ones who will tell you how hopeless it all is. Negativity is not what you need when the SAT’s come knocking. Your tutor will have a calm approach and will guide you in each of your areas, from where you’re strong to where you’re weak. They are the experts and will have all the SAT tips you will need to succeed.

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2. Get Plenty of Rest

You know the classmate who tells you that he/she was up till 2am cramming, well despite their claims, this is not good for you. Research shows that plenty of rest and sleep is crucial to keep the mind and brain sharp. As any professional athlete will tell you, rest is when the body heals and regathers itself. This goes for your brain too. You may think you’re earning crucial bragging rights by staying up till 2am cramming, but what use is that when you’re so fatigued, that important information becomes lost in your head. Find out how sleep helps your memory.

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3. Practice

Why do you think famous Hollywood actors spend hours each day rehearsing scripts in front of a mirror? Why do athletes spend hours and hours gracing the track and field when nobodies watching? The same reason is used for studying. You practice what it is you are going to do when the big day comes. Treat your SAT exam like game day. You have written the notes, you have learned them, now you need to practice putting that information down on paper. There are plenty of SAT sample questions and test questions out there, so avail of them. Become familiar with time management. Practice your SAT exam before you even sit it. This SAT tip is crucial and one that will make the big day less stressful. We have a few SAT sample questions for you to try, alternatively, why not create your own and share with your classmates.

4. Follow Your Own Study Plan

This SAT tip may sound like a no-brainer but it is something that many students get wrong. For example, when I was a student, what worked best for me was writing things down. For classmates of mine it was listening to audio books, and for others, simply reading material over and over again worked well. When you sit down and put together your own SAT study plan, try not be influenced by what your classmates are doing. Different methods work for different people. We have our own study plan advice which you can see here, otherwise why not create your own?

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5 Eat Right

If there is one SAT study tip that stands above the rest, it is eating well. Many people refer to food as fuel. This is exactly how you could consider seeing it too. Junk food may seem like the simple option and you may even feel like you deserve it after all your hard study. But eating the correct food groups is crucial to how your brain will perform. Food also has an important bearing on your mood. Get plenty of fruit on board, fruit contains the nutrients that give you energy, involves no preparation time and tastes great. Eggs are a great source of fuel too and take little time to prepare so no excuses. Have a look at our SAT brain fuel mind map and have a go at creating your own.

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And Finally..

These SAT tips may seem obvious to some of you, but when the stress of exam day and study take hold, we understand that the mind can go blank. Keep a note of these great SAT tips and refer back to them whenever you need a friendly reminder. If you would like to add your own SAT tips to our list why not create some SAT notes in our resources section and share them with your classmates. In the meantime, stay posted for some more SAT exam advice and don’t forget to head back over to our SAT Homepage.

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