SAT Mind Maps

Mind Maps will lay out your SAT Study plan and create an overview of what you need to cover for the year ahead.

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SAT Mind Maps

The SAT test is your stepping stone to college and university entry in America. Like any test it is crucial that you do as much prep work as possible. In this section, SAT Mind Maps, we will show you how the ExamTime Mind Map tool can help you plan, organise and study for the SAT exam.

The beauty of using Mind Maps for the SAT is that they are visually pleasing. Study time can be difficult and many students admit to suffering when it comes to maintaining concentration. However, with the ExamTime Mind Map tool you can create a great overview of the SAT exam in a colourful and easy to digest way.

This section will cover the many benefits of the SAT Mind Map tool, how it is used, advice on how to best leverage it and at the end we will show you some examples that have been created by students preparing for the SAT just like you. Keep reading and when you are finished, sign up to get started.

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SAT Mind Maps
SAT Mind Maps

Benefits of Using Online Mind Maps

SAT Help Using Mind Maps works in four key ways:

  • Make connections between different areas
  • Create a broad overview of your subject/study topic
  • Plan your projects or subject topics
  • Delve in-depth into on area

An example of just how this tool can be utilised can be seen below. This Mind Map contains an overview of SAT math. However, if we look a little closer, we can also see that they have attached notes to some of the subjects. This additional feature allows users to create reminders for a particular node and is really helpful.

SAT Math Overview


How to Use Mind Maps for SAT

SAT Mind Maps are one of the most popular study aids as they can provide a different perspective to simple note taking. There are lots of possibilities that you probably haven’t even thought of which will help you use Mind Maps. They can help not just with note taking, but for engaging the brain and really getting the creative side working.

Whether you struggle simple with the overall course curriculum, or the allocation of marks or time, Mind Maps can be used to break all of that down. Forgotten what way a question is asked or what has come up in English writing in the past? Use Mind Maps. We have lots of great examples of how this tool can be put into practice further on in the page so keep reading.

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SAT Mind Maps
SAT Algebra

Map Out the SAT Curriculum

When you begin prepping for the SAT using Mind Maps, a good starting point is to take the time to map out your curriculum. Do this for every SAT subject, class, and test. Put the title of each subject/class in the central node and then add in the sections that you are going to cover during the term.

Having this plan in place from the beginning of term is the first step in organising your SAT study properly. This plan will make the next steps in your revision easier to follow and focus on. You will have a complete overview of what needs to be covered in the months ahead.

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Develop SAT Concepts

Once you have your SAT overview in place, you need to dig deeper into the individual subjects which are featured in each node/ strand. To do this, take one subject/ topic from your overview and focus on this area by starting a new Mind Map and building out that subject.

When you do this for all sections of your subject curriculum, you will have a comprehensive set of study notes you can refer to at any time. This will also allow you to understand your curriculum in much greater detail than before.

SAT Exam
SAT Test

SAT Mind Maps become Notes

One of the really great features of the SAT Mind Map tool is that once you have created a Mind Map for any of the subjects or areas you are going to be covering, that information can become a digital note with the click of a button. The Mind Map tool has a function that will transfer each of your Mind Maps into Notes. This means you are creating double the study notes in half the time. Read more about this over in the SAT Notes section.

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Share With Your Classmates

If you split up your subjects with your classmates you can cover the SAT course in half the time. Once you have all your subjects and areas decided on, share them out amongst one another. This will save a large amount of time while also allowing you to spend much more time on specific areas in detail. This may also uncover angles you hadn’t previously considered that your classmates had.

ExamTime has the ideal tool to help you collaborate on your Mind Maps. Study Groups is a private area where you can discuss topics and share your Mind Maps and other study resources. Sign Up to ExamTime today with your classmates and begin sharing.

SAT Study Notes
SAT Geometry Notes

Sample Resources

SAT American History MindMap

SAT Physics MindMap

SAT Literature MindMap

Are you starting to get a feel for SAT Mind Maps? If so, why not get started on creating some of your own. Active engagement is a great way to make information stick rather than just reading notes over and over again.

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