Nazi War Economy

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How did Speer improve the German war economy? 1) established the central planning board to co-ordinate economic organisation. 2) tried to exclude military from economic planning. 3) encouraged employment of women. 4) used concentration camp prisoners as labour. 5) prevented conscription of skilled workers 6) deploying production lines 7) encouraged the standardisation of armaments and establish an armaments commission to oversee this
What evidence is there of Speers success? (5) 1) ammunition production rose by 97% 2) tank production rose by 25% 3) total arms production rose by 59% 4)between 1942-44 war production trebled. 5) productivity per worker rose by 60%
Why was Goering a failure? Hitler appointed Goering as Plenipotentiary for the OFYP in 1936 and so he had full control over the German economy. Goering made strategic mistakes. Refused to allow mass production in aircraft industry. Wasted money on substitute goods when cheaper imports were available. 1939+ =morphine.
How did Fritz Todt try to improve difficulties? Simplify the production of armaments in Jan 1942 and try to make the industry more productive.
What were the failures of the war economy? 1) Gauleiters and SS often acted against economic efficiency. 2) Labour shortages. Women weren't mobilised. Working conditions often bad so productivity 60-80% lower than the average German worker 3) Shortages of raw materials and ersatz materials didnt compensate. 4) Agressivness of take overs of countries meant they did not have as much access to their raw materials. SS preoccupied with implementing racial policy. 5) Allied bombings. 6) Stalins scorched earth policy.
How did Hitler try to improve the German war economy during the early parts of the war? From 1939-1941 German military expenditure doubled. By 1941 55% of the work force was involved in war related projects.
What evidence is there to show that in the early years the German war economy was still weak? Britain was producing twice as many aircraft in 1941 and the USSR 2600 more tanks
Who did Hitler appoint as the new Minister of Munitions? Albert Speer. His powers were extended when he was given responsibility for all industry and raw materials as Minister of Armaments and Production
Why was the German economy weak in the early part of the war? Chaotic organisation of the state. The various bodies responsible did not co-ordinate properly. OFYP, SS, Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Armaments and the armed forces all had responsibility for armaments production. Whilst at a local level Gauleiters often interfered with economic plans
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