Biological Theory of Phobias

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Two explanations -Preparedness -Highly Active ANS
Preparedness All people are biologically prepared to develop phobias of threatening things Based on Survival of the organism
Ohman People received electrical shocks when shown either neutral pictures eg a house, or a threatening picture eg a snake or spider Everyone showed fear to the pictures they received a shock to but the fear lasted longer for the threatening pictures
Torgerseii Concordance rates between MZ twins was 31% and 0% for DZ twins
Harris Found that families of people with agoraphobia are more likely to have agoraphobia
Ladder and St Matthewes People with agoraphobia or social phobias have higher levels of awareness. (Cause and effect?)
Highly Reactive ANS Some people have more reactive ANS which would make them more fearful in threatening situations, therefore more likely to develop phobias
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