Religion In Europe Before The Reformation

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Where did the reformation begin? In Germany
Who was the head of the church? The pope
The pope lived in _____ and was very _____ luxury, wealthy
How was the church organised? --Pope = Head of church --Archbishops = Governed English Church --Bishops = Governed each diocese --Priests = To help and direct the people (and governed each parish) --The ordinary people = Support the pope by paying taxes
A number of popes were actually NOT very ______ religious
Some popes were more concerned about their own _____ and _____ than about leading the Roman Catholic Church! Power & wealth
Name an example of a pope who used his position as pope to help his family become more important. Alexander VI
Every village and town had a church and a _____ Priest
What was the priest's job? --It was to teach the congregation of God's love for all people. --He also encouraged people to believe in Jesus in order to help them go to heaven, not hell
Roman Catholics would go to the priests to confess their _____. He would give them a _____ and say that God has forgiven them only if they would be pure enough to go to mass. sins, pennance
What happens in Mass? --The priest would talk to God in Latin, with his back to the audience.
What jobs did the priest do? He married, buried and baptised people
Why was the priest not allowed to marry? Because he had to concentrate on all of his jobs.
How many times a week did the villagers go to church? About once or twice a week
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