Genghis Khan, Kulbai Khan, and the Mongols

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A few questions on Genghis Khan , Kublai Khan, and the Mongols

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Mongols were nomads living in the..... steppes of Central Asia
Steppes Vast, treeless plains
This man united the Mongols into an intimidating military force. Genghis Khan
What was Genghis's goal during his lifetime? To defeat and conquer all of China.
Did Genghis complete his quest? No he did not.
Genghis Khan's conquering spree was started by what series of events? His father was poisoned by a different Mongol tribe, his mother was kidnapped, his wife was kidnapped by a Mongol tribe, and he was captured and humiliated by enemies.
Why did he not complete his quest? He died in his sleep. However, he did pass this mission off to his children, and their children, etc.
Mongols may have been ruthless conquers but they ruled their lands differently. How did they rule their lands? With toleration and peace. They accepted many different religions in their empire. They kept many conquered areas as tributary states.
Who was the Mongol to stop the Song empire and rule over China? Kublai Khan
What was Kublai's biggest fear while ruling over China? That the Mongol's would lose their culture and adapt to Chinese traditions.
What was Kublai's efforts to prevent Chinese culture to change the Mongol culture? Only Mongols could be in the army, some Chinese people could be political officials, etc.
What was the name of Kublai's dynasty? Yuan Dynasty
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