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What is red pottery? The background and outlines are painted black and the figures are the red colour of the pottery. It is much more detailed then black pottery.
How can you tell the difference between a god or goddess and a mortal. Gods and goddesses have straight noses without any curve.
What are the symbols of Zeus? Lightning bolt, eagle, oak tree, and mountain tops. The mountains perhaps because he was born on the mountain Ida on Crete.
How is Zeus usually dressed Robes slightly shorter then that of women
What was found in the caves under mount Ida? Why was it important? They found votive samples which are used in special sacred candles like those lit in a church when a person dedicates an object to a god in exchange for a prayer.
Zeus was sometimes shown with a shallow bowl. Why this important? People would first offer the wine they were drinking to the gods by pouring some onto the floor or into a bowl like the one Zeus sometimes has.
Zeus can change his shape. He appeared to a girl as a bull. What happened? Presents himself as a bull to the women Europa. She had three sons Minos the future king of Crete, sarpedon a Trojan warrior that died in battle, and rhadamanthys who became a judge in the underworld.
He appeared to a women as a swan. What happened? She was queen Leda of Sparta. She gave birth to twins one of which was Helen of Troy. The legend says Leda layer two eggs instead of normal birth
He appeared to a women as gold. What happened? He appeared to Danae as a gold shower. She gave birth to the hero percius.
Homosexuality was acceptable. Who was an important man to Zeus. What became of him? Ganymede was a lover of Zeus. He became a wine bearer for Zeus on olympus.
Why was Ganymede always shown as nude. What were the rules about homosexuality. Ganymede was always nude to show his lower status. Relations were only acceptable if it was between a young and a much old man.
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