Calvinist Reformation

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What/when was the consensus tigurinas ? 1549 a loose agreement between Calvin and Bullinger(zwingli's successor in Zurich) imprecise in order to keep peace
When did Calvin Die? 1564
What did the consistory consist of? 12 lay elders, chosen by syndics, presided over by Calvin, met weekly
When did Calvin first arrive in Geneva? 1536
When was Calvin exiled and why? 1538, excommunicated the entire city after many refused to sign the confession of faith
how long was Calvin in Strabourg? 1538-1541
when did Berne first ally with Geneva? 1526
when did the Pro-french faction of syndics return to power in Geneva? 1540
when were the institutes of Christian Religion published and where did Calvin write them? 1536
When were the Ordinances accepted as Law in Geneva? end of 1541
when did the Pro-bernese syndics fall from grace and why? surrendered Genevan freedom to Berne august 1536
when did Calvin complete a second version of the institutes? 1539
Castellio's opposition? 1542, claimed the existence of an erotic poem in the bible, left but returns in 1544, council expells him
when did Ameaux oppose Luther, what happened to him? 1546, Calvin forced the council to make him publicly apologise
Bolsec's opposition? 1551, disagrees on double predestination beaten in debate, is expelled
Troillet's opposition? 1552, was a hermit, came out of isolation to defeat calvin but was defeated in debate and expelled
Servetus' Opposition? 1553, doesn't believe in the Holy trinity sends Calvin his book is burnt at the stake in 1553, embarrasses Perrin
Perrin's opposition? 1546-55, libertarian and anti-french supports servetus, failed drunken coup in 1555, is expelled
When was the Genevan Academy founded? 1559
what were the roles in the consistory? Pastors - Preach/Teach and sacraments Doctors - instruct in doctrine Deacons - look after poor/sick Lay elders - trusted members of the community, elected by syndics, 12, monitor the people administer warnings
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