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The role of the producer To get the package, actors and the film together, Making the film and selling it to distributors.
Major studios and conglomerates Conglomerates are companies that own a large percent of media such as Disney, Warner Bros and News Corporation.
Indie films and funding problems Indie films are low budget made mainly in the UK industry, they don't have much money to produce and distribute films. Making profit is difficult.
High concept of tent poles A blockbuster movie that holds up the cinema and everyone will go and watch, a film that can be summed up in one sentence.
American genres and British genres British - thriller, horror American - comedy, action and adventure
Core audiences and impact in production Families and 16-24 year old men Most main stream films are made for those audiences and exclude niche audiences.
BFI film fund and tax breaks Tax break is an advantage allowed by the government. Biff fund uses national lottery to support original UK film makers and films.
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