Steps to World War II

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Steps to the second world war

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1935 Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
1935 Italy invades Ethiopia, Africa to expand territory and receive its oil resources
1936 German troops march into Rhineland , the treaty forbids this but no one stops the advance
March 1938 Nazi soldiers occupy Austria, no one stops this as they wish to prevent another war
September 1938 Britain and France meet with Hitler and sign the Munich Agreement. Allows part of Czechoslovakia as they believe it will prevent war
October 1938 Hitler signs a pact with Mussolini which allows Hitler to take Austria and other territories of northern ad central Europe. Japan joins the Alliance. This is known as the Axis Powers
March 1939 Hitler had claimed Sudanland as his last demand, nut Nazi troops occupy Czechoslovakia
August 1939 Germany signs a pact with the Soviet Union promising not to attack each other if war was to occur. They divide Poland in half between each other. Hitler can now plan attack on France and Britain.
September 1, 1939 Hitler wants the Polish Corridor back, Poland refuses. The Nazi launch a lightning war, Poland is defeated.
September 3, 1939 Britain and France realize the appeasement will not work and declare war on Germany
September 10, 1939 Canada declares war on Germany
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