The USA and USSR

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The USA and USSR
1 When Gorbachev became leader of Russia in 1985, it was clear that the USA was in a much stronger position than the USSR.
2 1986
3 USA Strengths
3.1 Booming economy
3.2 Excellent computer technology
3.3 Excellent space technology
3.4 Highly equipped conventional military forces
3.5 NATO allies
3.6 International reputation as ‘leaders of the free world’
4 USSR Strengths
4.1 Warsaw Pact allies
4.2 Greater number of nuclear missiles than the USA
5 USA Weakness
5.1 Fewer nuclear missiles
6 USSR Weakness
6.1 Failing economy
6.2 Old-fashioned technology
6.3 committed to an expensive war in Afghan
6.4 Reputation ruined by Chernobyl
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