Prenatal Development (conception- implantation)


University Psychology 144 (Chapter 3) Mind Map on Prenatal Development (conception- implantation), created by Zeneatha Jònsson on 08/25/2014.
Zeneatha Jònsson
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Zeneatha Jònsson
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Prenatal Development (conception- implantation)
  1. 1. Ovum (female reproductive cell) is released from an ovary
    1. 2. Cilia (hair-like projections) move ovum along fallopian tubes
      1. 3. One sperm (male reproductive cell) merges with & fertilises, the ovum
        1. 4. A zygote (single cell formed as result of merging the sperm &ovum), continues down to the fallopian tube.
          1. 5. Zygote divides into a number of identical cells
            1. 6. Cell division becomes more orginized &specialised
              1. 7. The Blastocyst (a hollow sphere with specialized and orginised cells), implants itself into the uterine wall
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