Strengths+Weaknesses of the New Weimar Republic (1918-19)


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Strengths+Weaknesses of the New Weimar Republic (1918-19)
  1. What happened 1918-19
    1. Signed the Armistice (a ceasefire) in November 1918 to end WW2
      1. The German Army+Nationalists were angry.
        1. A feeling of betrayal spread through the right-wing supporters
          1. The Weimar Republic got the nickname 'The November Criminals'
            1. Became known as the 'Stab in the Back'
            2. Germany became a democratic republic in 1918
            3. Strengths
              1. Democratically elected
                1. Voted for by proportional representation so every party got an equal chance
                  1. Supported by the majority of Germany
                    1. Followed a set constitution
                    2. Weaknesses
                      1. Proportional representation means a lot of small and weak parties got into power
                        1. Makes it very hard to reach decisions
                          1. Makes it easier for small extremist parties to gain power, eg. the Nazis
                          2. Coalitions had to be formed which weakened democracy
                            1. Article 48 meant the president could abuse emergency powers, eg. as Hindenburg did in the early 1930's
                              1. There was a lot of opposition from the Right Wing Parites, including the Judges, Civil Servants+the Army who were loyal to the Kaiser
                                1. These groups later began to undermine them which allowed Hitler to come to power in the 1930's
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