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A-Levels Psychology (PSYB2 - Phobias/OCDs) Mind Map on OCDs, created by Adam O'Rourke on 06/02/2013.

Adam O'Rourke
Created by Adam O'Rourke over 6 years ago
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1 Hodgson and Rachmann (Washing hands)
2 Normal Rituals
3 Biological
3.1 Explaination
3.1.1 Genetic McKeon and Murry (No link) Carey and Gottesman (10% prevalance) Lenane (30% prevelence) Dr Dennis Murphy (Seretonin Mutation) Hoaker and Schnurr (Twin concordance, 50-60%,)
3.1.2 Brain Structure Thalmus Serotonin Basal Ganglia Rapport and Wise (Basal Ganglia) Rapport (Surgery works)
3.2 Treatment
3.2.1 Drug Therapy Zohar (Effective for 60%)
3.2.2 Surgery Rapport
4 Cognitive
4.1 Explanation
4.1.1 Neutralising Effect
4.1.2 Rachmanns Four Steps
4.1.3 Rachman and Hodges (Cognitive Vulnerability) Davidson and Neale (Reality/Imagination) Sher (Memory Deficits)
4.2 Treatment
4.2.1 Cognitive Therapy
4.2.2 Habituation Training
5 Psychodynamic Therapy
5.1 Psycho Analysis
5.2 Rat Man

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