Psychology - Sensory Memory

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Psychology AS - Sensory Memory

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Psychology - Sensory Memory
  1. Duration
    1. Fractions of a second.
    2. Capacity
      1. Very Limited
      2. Encoding
        1. Unprocessed. Information comes from senses and is held like a copy of the experience.
        2. Evidence
          1. Sperling 1960
            1. Showed a card with letters and numbers to see who could remember them in the exact places they were seen. Most could remember 3 or 4
          2. We cannot control what goes into our sensory memory but what we pay attention to gets passed on so most items are lost.
            1. Separate sensory stores for different senses.
              1. Iconic (sight)
                1. Echoic (sound)
                  1. Olfactory (smell)
                    1. Haptic (touch)
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