Role of the Government in improving medicine

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GCSE History Mind Map on Role of the Government in improving medicine, created by Dan Bacon on 04/26/2018.

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Role of the Government in improving medicine
  1. Public Health in the early Middle Ages
    1. King Edward I and the building of public latrines for his army in York in 1298
      1. Laws in the 14th century to clean up London
      2. Lord Mayor's orders to combat 1665 Plague in London
        1. 19th Century Public Health
          1. Work of Edwin Chadwick
            1. Bazalgette and the London Sewers
              1. 1848 and 1875 Public Health Act
                1. Slum clearance by local councils
                  1. 1858 Smallpox vaccination was made compulsory
                  2. Liberal Social Reforms 1960-14
                    1. Old Age Pensions 1908
                      1. Free School Meals 1906
                        1. 1911 National Insurance Act
                        2. Funding the development of Penicillin
                          1. Homes for heroes after WW1
                            1. Slum clearance and improved housing
                            2. Creation of the NHS 948
                              1. Modern healthy living campaigns
                                1. Measures against smoking
                                  1. Measures to promote healthy eating and lifestyle
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